Quickstart Survival Backpack – 4 Person


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This Quickstart Survival Backpack has all the necessary essentials needed for 4 people for a few days. We call it the Quickstart because it will cover your most basic needs at a very low cost. Everything is stored in a sturdy discrete backpack that is can be grabbed quickly in an emergency. The Survival Backpack is  perfect for not only home but at the office or in a car for that unexpected emergency. This also comes in a 2 person kit.

Description and Contents:

Affordable and super compact. A quick kit for those who wants a starting point for getting prepared.

Pack & Organization

  • 2 x Discrete and compact backpacks (black)

Weather Protection

  • 4 x Emergency Blankets
  • 4 x Emergency Poncho

Food & Water

  • 4 x 2400 kcal Food Ration (US Coast Guard Approved)
  • 24 x 4.2 oz Water Pouches (US Coast Guard Approved)

First Aid

  • 1 x 53pc First Aid Kit
  • 4 x N95 Mask

Hygiene & Sanitation

  • 4 x Toothbrush
  • 1 x Toothpaste
  • 1 x Comb
  • 1 x Razor
  • 1 x Shampoo
  • 1 x Soap Bar
  • 1 x Small Sewing Kit
  • Tools and Other Items
  • 4 x Glow Sticks
  • 1 x Signal Whistle
  • 1 x Duct Tape


Additional information

Weight 23 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 12 x 8 in


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