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The GRAYL® Ultralight Purifier Bottle offers you full spectrum purification and filtration with a sleek simple design. It is so simple to use and only weighs 10.9 ounces. Designed for minimalists seeking the ultimate in convenience, portability and performance. The Ultralight makes safe, clean purified drinking water – anywhere in the world! It is the perfect companion to your global travels, outdoor adventures or emergency situations.

Whether filling up at a sketchy hotel sink in Peru, on a gnarly trail needing to drink from a dirty stream, or at home preparing an emergency kit – the GRAYL® Ultralight Purifier Bottle has it covered! With [ONE PRESS], the Ultralight provides full-spectrum protection from pathogens (viruses, bacteria, protozoa), sediment, chemicals and heavy metals.

  • Takes only 15 seconds. Fastest purification available.
  • For international travel, outdoor adventures and preppers. Perfect for globetrotters, lightweight backpacking, hiking, fishing and survival.
  • Patented [ONE PRESS] design. Patented [ONE PRESS] design. Makes clean, purified drinking water from virtually any freshwater source.
  • Fill. Press. Drink . Innovative design requires NO sucking,squeezing, pumping, prolonged waiting, or batteries.
  • Virus protection. Removes 99.9999% of viruses (e.g.Hepatitis A, SARS, Rotavirus); 99.9999% of disease-causing bacteria (e.g. E. coli, Salmonella, Cholera); and 99.999% of protozoan cysts (e.g. Giardia, Cryptosporidium).
  • Improves health, flavor, order & clarity. Filters particulates,many chemicals and heavy metals.
  • Durable. Engineered for harsh environments.
  • Lightweight and compact. Weighs 10.9 ounces and fits into any pack side pocket.

Performance and Specifications:

  • Size: 9.625” (24.5 cm) H x 2.875” (7.30 cm) W
  • Weight: 10.9 oz (309 g)
  • Capacity: 16 oz (473 ml)
  • Flow Rate: 15 seconds per 16 oz (2 liters/minute)
  • Purifier Lifespan: 300 uses (40 gal/150 L)
  • Active Technology: Electropositive attraction (and capture) + ultra-powdered activated carbon.
  • Chemical-free: Yes
  • BPA free materials: Yes
  • Tested to NSF Standards 42+53
  • Comes with a purifying filter with a lifespan of 300 uses (40 gal/150 lit). Shelf life: Stored under proper conditions, an unopened Purifier Cartridge has a shelf life of 10 years. After a cartridge has been used, it lasts at least three additional years. Replacement filters sold separately.



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