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Foot Rescue is the perfect way to combat Foot Fungus, Athlete’s Foot, Blisters, Foot Odor, and Skin Discoloration.  The perfect thing to have on hand after a long hike to soothe sore and aching feet!

  • Relief for Sore, Aching Feet, Fungus, Cracked Skin, Blisters

  • Effective against Athletes Foot, and Skin Discoloration

  • Can also be used as a skin-softening hand soak

  • Can also be used as a detox, full body soak (use multiple packs)

  • Easy to store

  • Indefinite shelf life

  • 100% Naturally Organic

  • Made in the USA



Clinoptilolite, Ocean Kelp, Blue Green Algae, Magnesium Salts, Organic Herbs


Dissolve 1 package in approximately 1-gallon warm water and soak for at least 15 minutes (foot soak/hand soak). For full body soak, dissolve 3 packages in a warm tub of water. For best results, soak up to 50 minutes. Safe for daily use.



Additional information

Weight 1 lbs

1 Pack 3 Pack


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