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Bleed Stop is a blood coagulant. It was developed to stop the bleeding of cuts, abrasions, and severe lacerations.  It is the perfect thing to have in your emergency kits, backpacks, bug out bags and glove boxes. One package contains 16 individual packets which are sterile and waterproof. The perfect thing to have on hand for that unexpected accident.

100% Organic, Contains NO Chemicals

  • First Aid Temporary Wound Treatment

  • Just pour on wound and cover

  • Shows 100% Success in Achieving Hemostasis and Reducing Blood Loss Compared to Other Treatments

  • Sterile, Waterproof, Easy-Open Packaging

  • Easy to store

  • Indefinite shelf life

  • Made in the USA


UV Sterilized Clinoptilolite Hemostatic Powder


Just pour on wound and cover. Please seek emergency care if necessary.


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